Friday, July 24, 2009

Hello out there

hey this is Charles, the host of the Episode Zero Podcast.

First I want to thank any and all for listening to the show. So here's the deal on the show line-u

Rather then do a show every week, I am instead going to be recording and uploading a show every two weeks, making this a twice a month podcast. Every other week, like this one, I'll be doing a blog entry in a similar fashion to how I do a live recording. Now the reason I'm setting my schedule like this for a number of reasons. One, to avoid burnout which seems to be affecting a lot of podcasts nowdays. And two, my schedule demands I take a smidgen of time off now and then.

So that being said....

The blog entry for this week talks about a familiar subject, the Episode Zero Podcast itself. I already briefly talked about this on the show and on youtube but I wanted to discuss it further here. And that's why I'm doing a show on my own. The whole history of how this came to be is a sordid subject for another time. But suffice to say, I've had the idea of doing a podcast on my mind for a while now. Thinking about how to do it and what it would be about, etc...

Eventually it took the right combination of a good friend's prodding, the amount of free time I currently enjoy and some other things looming on the horizon that I decided, screw it, lets do a show.

And thus Episode Zero was born, Hamlet it is not. However, what it is, is a podcast where as I previously mentioned on the show itself, discuss a variety of subjects that are of interest to me. These can and will include just about anything from current events, politics, gaming, entertainment, tech, etc... All done in my voice, giving my thoughts and some attempt at humor/insight into them.

Some people may not find this to be their type of show, it may not be geeky enough for them, others may find it, too geeky. And I know a lot of people will very turned off by the political nature and tone of the show. In that I am a very conservative person in a fandom/grouping of people that are for the most part, fairly liberal. I'm not of a mind to change the show for anyone's tastes but mine nor am I of the opinion to give a crap if someone who's viewpoint I both offend and disagree with, is either or offended and upset with. If I say it, and you don't like it, that's a you problem, not mine concern.

Don't like it. Don't listen.

For everyone else though, I hope you do listen and if not like it, then at least understand it. And then run the spelling/grammar check on those hate-filled emails before sending them.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another way to hear the show

Knowing the limitations of rapidshare, I uploaded the show at Megaupload.

So here it is:

Have fun listening folks.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The first foray into a brave new world.

The first episode of my new show is now available.