Sunday, August 9, 2009

GI Joe Movie review

So I went and saw GI JOE with my brother yesterday.

Now when I first heard and saw that GI Joe was getting the big screen treatment, I thought this might be okay or it might be like that made for TV Justice League movie a few years ago.

Then I started reading up on the casting and all the numerous changes being made and my expectations for the film started crashing. Then I saw the photos and leaked set designs. And again, expectations went lower.

So having seen it, I can safely say that those low expectations were not met or exceeded.

I understand that unlike Transformers which has a rough allegory of a civil war going on in a modern society, it's still just a movie about about Giant robots beating the hell out of each other. Where as GI Joe is a straight forward story about the military fighting a dangerous threat. And could be considered more political incorrect or upsetting.

So yeah, they had to rework the basic conflict between GI Joe and Cobra, by reworking each faction to their basic level. Hence the setting in the 'near future' and the over-emphasis on nanotechnology as the big mcguffin of the film.

And while these were great ideas and concepts, they mostly failed in execution. Especially when it got the OTHER pile of story dumped on it. And that other half of the story, the part responsible for the characterizations of most of the core cast, mostly sucked and slowed down the plot in my opinion and really became extremely aggravating.

Now there were some good parts of the movie, the action/fight scenes were nice. the fights underwater looked kick ass. But the fight between the kids was hands down the most awesome part of the movie. And while it was awesome and should win the inevitable fight scene award, when that is the best scene in a movie like GI Joe, you know you've got problems.

So basically... I'd wait and save my money on watching this movie. In the meantime, watch GI Joe Resolute instead and you'll get a far superior product in my mind.

Til next time.

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